Knowledge [&] Vision


L u c k   o f   t h e   d r a w

Buying a home can feel like a matter or luck; the right house coming to market at the right time. House hunting often comes with a feeling of compromise.


S l i m   P i c k i n g s

Seattle has had, and will continue to have, a housing market with low inventory. Low inventory is ideal for sellers, but as a buyer, it may prove to be your largest challenge.


B r i d g i n g   t h e   g a p   o f   k n o w l e d g e

Because I am a real estate broker [&] architect, the small pool of homes typically available to you can be stretched to include homes that may otherwise be passed over because of a lack of confidence on how to approach a home with minor to major issues. I will provide you with vision while we house hunt, and the tools to follow through with your new vision.